Our Concussion Management Program

At Concussion North, we manage all symptoms related to sports and exercise-related concussions.  There are three key aspects to our Concussion Management Program:

  1. Prevention Education.  Through talks and workshops, we provide education to schools, teams, doctors and community members who are interested in concussion prevention and management.
  2. Baseline Testing.  We don't recommend widespread use of baseline testing within a concussion management program. Although this type of testing is popular, there is not enough published evidence to support universal testing. (Reference: Echemendia, Iverson, McCrea (2013) BJSM).  For elite and professional athletes who play for teams and organizations that require baseline testing for insurance purposes, please contact our clinic to discuss your individual needs with one of our sports medicine physicians.
  3. Post-Concussion Treatment Program.  Eighty percent of people suffering from sports or exercise-related concussions recover within three weeks of injury.  But the 20% of people who suffer from sports and exercise-related concussions with symptoms that persist beyond three weeks will benefit from a referral to our Post-Concussion Treatment Program.  

After you have been diagnosed with a concussion and received an initial assessment from a physician for a sports or exercise-related head injury, you can be referred to our Post-Concussion Treatment Program.  

Our Post-Concussion Treatment Program is unique because it is supervised by a Sports Medicine physician who has specialized training and experience in the management of sports and exercise-related concussions.  Working alongside the Sports Medicine physician, the integrated team at Concussion North helps you manage all of your concussion-related symptoms with a focus on helping you return to work, school and sport safely.  

The Post-Concussion Treatment Program is covered by most major benefits plans.

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