Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine doctors are primary care physicians who treat injuries to the body's joints, muscles or bones. They are trained to diagnose a wide variety of sports-related injuries and make treatment and recovery recommendations. 

Sports Medicine doctors often work with physical therapists to create a rehabilitation plan or with athletic trainers to develop an exercise regimen. Sports Medicine doctors do not operate on athletes but can expedite referral to a surgeon when surgery is required.

At Concussion North, our Sports Medicine physician provides the following:

  • Diagnosis of sports and exercise-related injuries;
  • Sport-specific treatment and recovery programs;
  • Recommend and arrange for additional investigational tests (i.e. X-Ray, MRI, ultrasound);
  • Perform injury-related procedures (i.e. joint and soft tissue injections); and
  • Provide referrals to other physician specialists as required.

You can learn more about Shannon, the Sports Medicine physician at Concussion North by clicking here.

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